Saturday, October 4, 2008



The C Channel is building a multi-interest website that brings together 3 distinct sites - Travel, Shopping and Weddings. Each one features articles, destination profiles, vendor profiles and a whole load of new tools to attract a global audience. This includes the still young Travel Forum, and the Wedding Agenda, a promising tool that is completely free and was out in late 2006.

The C Channel network has also recently introduced The C Directories, 5 user-friendly directories of websites, blogs, online retailers and other sites categorized under thousands of differenet subjects. Only a month old, it attracts new registrations every day of eBusinesses eager to become part of The C Channel Network. For example, in the Travel category, you can find Travel Street, a comprehensive guide to travel in Asia, Worlwide Holiday Homes with over 1,000 holiday homes in 51 countries including Spain, USA, Australia and Malaysia, Philippines plus Villa Tuscane and Tuscany Villas, the best place for holiday rentals in Tuscany.

In our Shopping Directory, we feature the likes of Teen Plus Size Clothing and Plus Size Lingerie. And if you're getting married soon, you might like to check out Plus, for the best deals the Directory of Wholesalers will tell you where to look.

In the Entertainment category, you can find a great site about Mahjong, for music-lovers there's Hip Hop 100 and New York nightlife, keeps you up-to-date on the local party scene. You'll also find a site about Indie rock musician Danielle Evin, and Rakeback for poker lovers. But there's even links to Famous quotations and the Silly stuff blog. And game buffs can check out the Games Directory.

In the Health & Beauty category, we feature a myriad of sites with all sorts of information, like Cocovida Coconut Oil and Wellness News and Unique Asthma treatment secrets. In our Sports section, you'll find the best source of information about all major sports in Sports Facts. Golfers will delight over at Secret Golf training System, and motorsports fans should visit Modded Mustangs and the German

In the Real Estate Category, Construction World and the Real Estate Search by City Resource Directory are 2 of the best sources for home-searchers. And if you are a new home-buyer, check out our Finance category to find the best sources to help you with your money-matters, like TSP Talk, Ledger Services, Stocks and Mutual Funds or ChexSystems & Bad Credit Solutions.In our Tools for Webmasters Directory, we feature some of the best multimedia directories for your audio, video and photo editing work, including Multimedia downloads, Audio & Video editing, converter and burning software, Audio & Video Software tools, the powerful and user-friendly MP3 Ripper, the best tool to Burn DVD Movies, Photo Editor, Digital Video Editor, Music Software, and two of the handiest directories for Multimedia and Graphics.

We also provide links to some of the best SEO sites online such as SEO and Internet Marketing, The Webmaster SEO Blog and SEO Ireland. Plus, there's links to some of the best tools for webmasters, like Cheap domain register, Cheap domain hosting, and Webhost advisor. Learn where to find Niche articles, keep track of your backlinks with Link Checker, and Buy text links. We also feature other directories like the Alive Web Directory, Free Web Index and Submit Dot Com. Plus there's other great links like Paid Survey online, which claims to tell you how you can make some extra cash.

There's plenty to see, so pay us a visit.

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The C Channel is building a multi-interest website that brings together distinct sites like travel, shopping and weddings. Channel community network is a community building facility with a focus on discussion and implementation of ideas for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.


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